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英语感谢信100词模板怎么写? 下面我们九月范文网感谢信频道给大家精编的21篇关于英语感谢信100词模板,希望对大家有所帮助,内容仅供参考!


I am writing this letter to thank. First, I must thank the god, for letting me meet with you, my best friend throughout my life. And then, thank you very much for staying with me all the time.

From the time we know each other, every time when I meet with troubles, you always try your best to help me. When I am sad or unhappy, you always comfort me to make me forget the sad things. And you usually share your good and happy experiences with me……All these make me delighted. Although you are in Tianjin now, I believe we still stay together.

Because of you, I feel the life is wonderful. Meeting with you is really a good thing. At last, I have only a sentence want to say——My dear friend, thank you.










Hello,my parents!Today I am writing to thank you for everything you havedone for me in the past.First I want to thank you for taking the trouble tobring me up.I know it is really difficult.Second I want to thank you for givingme so much encouragement especially when I am in trouble or depressed.You bothgiave me anything not only in spirit but also in physics.You both spent not onlymuch time but also much money on me .So you are great and generou.I am proud ofyou.I would like to be your child and I will try my best to live up to yourexpectations and to be a child that you would like me to be .I love you!thankyou!


Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you! I love you with all my heart! This letter to you is to tell youmy true feelings from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for bringing me up! Thank you so much for raising me. Iknow how hard you’ve worked during the past years. I can imagine how manydifficulties and obstacles (障碍) you’ve conquered. I can imagine all the problemsyou have faced and all the sweat and tears you have shed to make my life better.I can fully understand what a huge responsibility it is to raise a child. You’vebeen very patient with me. You’ve encouraged me and you’ve helped me. You’vetried your hardest to give me the best things in life. You’ve made a lot ofsacrifices and many difficult choices. I also know that you have greatexpectations (热切的期望) of me. You want me to be very successful and happy. Youwant me to be the best person I can be. You want me to do great things with mylife. You want me to make the world a better place. I know you have so manyhopes and dreams for my future.

Today I want to tell you something extremely important (极其重要的) .Today Iwant to tell you that you don’t need to worry about me anymore. I’m grown up! Iwill be responsible (负责任) for my life and for my future. I will study very hard.I will exercise every day to keep fit. I will read English every morning andevery night. I will make the best use of every spare minute. I will be happy,confident, positive and energetic every day! I will develop good habits and usethem to constantly improve myself. I will never do anything that would harm mybody or my mind.


Hi Yanglang!

I’m really miss you , we can’t see about three months . Are you OK? I hope you happy everyday.

We have eight classes everyday , and only two classes are not English , another classes is listening , reading , speaking and writing English . Some people think it is boring in the classes , but I think this is very enjoyable .

I love my life now . because I always feel fulfilled all day . I am so busy that I can’t play ping-pong . I think it is my desire to enjoy life.

I want to travel to Mountain Hua . Three years ago I went there , but don’t go to the top , so I must go there when I have free time.

Take care yourself

Love Young!


Dear Mrs. Gorden,

Id like you to know how much the week at your lovely house meant to me. I not only enjoyed myself immensely, but also I felt relaxed and refreshed as I havent felt for months.

Please give my love to Helen. It was so nice being with her again just like our old days together at school.

Many thanks to you and Mr. Gordon for asking me.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Brown



















If, a person with the person you have never met when you are very hungry for you a bowl of food to eat, you will be grateful to the strangers? If you did not know when you are very cold to you wearing a dress, you will be grateful to the strangers? If a person has nothing to do with you when you dont have change to give you a coin, you will be grateful to the strangers? But the teacher did so much for us, teach us a lot of knowledge and how to behave. But, who is grateful for teachers? Could anyone want to teacher its natural for us to do something, take it for granted, even, some students think that teacher is very repetitive.

There is a teacher in our class, she is our Chinese teacher, miss li. Amiable, miss li taught very careful, dont careless, besides, Mr Li has taught us three years!

On one occasion, I did not ideal, is she taught to the office. Miss li said some words to me, I was a dummy eat rhizoma coptidis, have bitterness could not say. Through the teaching of the teacher li, my grades "climb" more than 90 points from 80 points. The teacher really spirit!

Teacher, thank you!


Dear ____,

Your delightful present,____,reched me ____ and I must thank you very much indeed for it.It was awfully kind of you to think of me.You could not have chosen anything else that would have given me more pleasure.I put it to use right away,and have already had some pleasant time out of it.

Once again,many thanks.

yours ______


Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me during my recent visit to Beijing. I would also like to thank you for your interesting discussion with me which I have found very informative and useful.

During the entire visit, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm expressed by you. I sincerely hope we could have more exchanges.

I am looking forward to your early visit to my hometown when I will be able to pay back some of the hospitality I received during my memorable stay in beautiful Beijing. With kind personal regards.

Faithfully yours.


How time flies! It has been a few years since I left high school, but I still remember you in my heart, because you’re the best teacher in my mind. It’s not only because you taught me knowledge, but also you taught me how to study. I have really benefitted a lot from you. So I would like to express my great thanks to you, and share my life in college with you.

Now I’m studying in Hunan First Normal College, which is Chairman Mao’s former school. I major in English, because I find it so fun and interesting. As far as I’m concerned, our English Department is the best department in our college. The teachers in our department are knowledgeable, experienced, and warm-hearted. And my classmates are nice, friendly and helpful. Thus, I have a good atmosphere to study. When I have difficulties in study, I always ask my teachers for help or discuss with my classmates. Through their help, I have made great progress in my English study.

College life is much different ...


dear lucy,

i am writing to e_presmsincere thankfor your beautiful flowers. i’d likeyou to know how much your flowermeant to me. you have a positive geniuforselecting the right gift. i not onlenjoyed your flowers, but also the delicatevase. i shall ever remember thigift aone of the most preciouthingin mlife.

i will not be verbusthe following days. i hope to have the opportunitofreciprocating. would you kindllet me know what time you are at convenience?

i will feel verhappif you have time to make me a call. how nice it would beto see you again and i am looking forward to seeing you ne_t time!

i repeat mthankagain for your lovelflowers. please give mkind regardto yourfamily.




Thanks for One’s Hospitality




Your delegation has just returned from a visit to a university in Great Britain. And you were warmly treated there by Professor Herthwell. Please write a letter to express your thanks to him for his hospitality and hope for further cooperation.



Dear Prof. Herthwell,


Many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor you showed me during our delegation’s recent visit to your university. It was nice of you to introduce me to so many famous professors and celebrated scholars at your university. We had a safe and sound trip home. Now we have resumed our work.


Meanwhile, I hope you will someday pay a short visit to our university and give us some lectures on “Modern Western Economics”.


Please have no hesitation in writing to me if you want me to do something for you in China.


Best wishes,

Li Dong




dear wangyan,

i enjoyed your hospitalitduring mthree-dastain tianjin.your new houseiverbeautiful,and your cooking iout of the world .yoursister,wangdan,iverkind-hearted.not onldid she help uwash clothes,but alsohelped make the bed.

the trip wagreat getting together with you two once again.don't forget theinvitation to pop in on me the ne_t time you're in beijing.

thankagain..and sahello to your sister.

all mbest,



dear lucy:

i am writing to expremy sincere thanks for your beautiful flowers. i? like you to know how much your flowers meant to me. you have a positive genius for selecting the right gift. i not only enjoyed your flowers, but also the delicate vase. i shall ever remember this gift as one of the most precious things in my life.

i will not be very busy the following days. i hope to have the opportunity of reciprocating. would you kindly let me know what time you are at convenience?

i will feel very happy if you have time to make me a call. how nice it would be to see you again and i am looking forward to seeing you next time!

i repeat my thanks again for your lovely flowers. please give my kind regards to your family.


































Dear mary ,

in this letter i would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you for your books about band four to me. the book is very useful especially for my reading and writing .i want to buy this book for a long time. your generous help and tender care made me feel warmly.

Thank you once more.

Sincerely yours,



Thank You For Interview I

Dear (Bosss Name),

I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you yesterday about the position of (job title) with (Company Name).

I really enjoyed meeting with members of the office and learning about the job. The entire team certainly seem to be highly skilled and motivated and the work itself seems as rewarding as it is challenging. From our discussion,I gained a strong sense of (Company Name)s commitment to their clients and their employees. I also enjoyed our discussion of my opportunities and future within the firm.

I feel strongly that I possess the qualities required as a (job title). I believe my education and experiences have prepared me well for a future with you. I eagerly anticipate our next meeting. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.




Dear Minister,

I am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me and my delegation during our recent visit to your beautiful country. 

During the entire visit, my delegation and I were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm expressed by your business representatives on cooperation with China.I would also like to thank you for your interesting discussion with me which I have found very informative and useful.

I am lookingforward to your early visit to China when I will be able to pay back some of the hospitality I received during my memorable stay in yur beautiful country. With kind personal regards,

Faithfully yours,



英语感谢信100词模板怎么写? 下面我们九月范文网感谢信频道给大家精编的21篇关于英语感谢信100词模板,希望对大家有所帮助,内容仅供参考!

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