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Elephant is the largest animal on land today.It weights some ninety kilograms and is about one metre high when born.When it is 12 years old,it studs over three meters and does not grow any more.Elephant is usually grey in color,having a long trunk with large ivory tusks protruding from each side of its mouth.

Usually moving in groups and caring for each other,Elephant is know to be a very and gentle creamre.

For many years people have used the strength of these poweful animals to move trees and heavy logs.

Elephant has been and is a vital tool for people to do many things that would normally be imposs-ible.Elephant is and will continue to be one of the greatest creatures man has ever come into contact with.Its size.beauty,and power willforever be useful to man.


The Dragon Boat Festival in its hometown has a history of more than two thousand years, which is commemorated by the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Today is the fifth lunar, the day has a thick festive atmosphere. It can be as exciting as the Spring Festival, Qingming and Mid Autumn Festival in our hometown, which is full of peoples joy and joy.

The Dragon Boat Festival in our hometown is more solemn. Every few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, every family is ready to welcome it. This day people bought bamboo leaves, brown, glutinous rice and meat dumplings and other items. This years Dragon Boat Festival is more festive. Now, you see, there are four or five days away from the festival. Original monotonous cast had been improved, now a chestnut stuffing, bean paste, jujube paste…… Its really a great variety. The streets are dumplings can smell the fragrance, it is the monkey man DC slobber, brought forward the festive atmosphere.

On the day of Dragon Boat Festival, there are various kinds of breakfast on every breakfast table, so you can see it dazzled. But the most important thing is baozi, Ma Yuan, zongzi, tea eggs and garlic, which is the traditional cuisine of the hometown. People are happy together, round and round, eat hot and lively, relish, but for me, there is nothing new, because these things I have been tired of. Listening to the grandfather said that when they were young, they looked forward to the day of the festival, because it was only a festival that had such a happy life, and it was a good life at ordinary times.

Think about how happy our life is now. We really want to thank the partys reform and opening policy and the peoples living standard. We should not be happy in life and cherish todays happy life.


The Duan Festival, is also called the Dragon Boat Festival, is an ancient Chinese traditional festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

For thousands of years, various celebrating activities are held all around the country. Eating zongzi and racing dragon boats are the most pertinent ones, are said to be in memory of Qu Yuan, a great poet. In some places, people spread realgar on the children in the hope of protecting them from the evil spirits.

Many people consider May as an especially dangerous time for diseases in a year, and therefore they hang moxa and calamus and things like that around the doors to off evil and diseases and pray for good luck.


Today, as the economy develops fast, people can buy what they need, the producers provide them all the new things, so the factory produce many products, in order to make the biggest profit, they don t deal with the pollution. Water gets polluted, it does harm to people s health, we drink water everyday, the government controls the producers to figure out some ways to deal with the water pollution.



Each season has wind.The warm wind in spring,the hot wind in summer,the gold wind in autumn and cold wind in winter are all called wind,but their tempers are quite different.

When spring es,warm wind wakes up everything;many flowers e out .It can bring us joy.

In hot summer,the sweats roll down from our checks.Everything needs wind,but wind often hide and seek with us.

Autumn es.Cool wind blows yellow leaves down.The corn is ripe and all the fields bee yellow.The farmers are busy getting in crops.It can bring us the happiness of harvest.

In cold winter,cold wind blows so hard that everyone can hardly open his eyes

Wind,we wele you,need you,but sometimes hate you.Will you please obey us and do good things for us.


In spring,the weather changes a lot.In the morning,when I took bus to school,the weather was breezy and comfortable.I thought it would be a great day.However,when I got to school,the sky turned to be gray with the gloomy clouds as well as thunder.After a little while,it started to rain heavily.

I was worried because I didn't take my umbrella.I was afraid that I can’t go home after class.About thirty minutes later,the rain stopped and it was sunny before long.The air was so fresh and the sky was clear.This is spring.



Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese traditional festival. It falls on the fifth day of May in the lunar calendar. A day before this festival, my mother and grandmother began to make zongzi.

Of course, I act as assistant. But it turned out that I more of a hindrance than a help. they finished, they started to cook them. This process needed a long time, because I could have them in the next day.

Zongzi very delicious. On the day of dragon boat festival, our family prepared for dinner after having breakfast. Everyone of my family come back home for the solid diet.

Chicken is indispensable on the dinner desk in Chinese traditional festival. There many delicious foods, made me I ate lots of them. It is a festival.


I like sport not only because it can help me to keep health,but also because it makes me relaxed.Study all day long makes me tired so that I often do sports with my classmates after class.We play basketball most,and sometimes play table tennis or badminton.

In addition,I like running,especially when I’m upset,for I think it’s the best way to let the depression off.



My hometown,a village locating beside a small river,is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery surrounded.Because of the poor geographical environment and without an asphalt road,the whole village is poor and people’s lives are tough.Generally,people grow rice and some other crops for a living

.Most young people work at the city,leaving their parents and children at home,which is the status of the vast majority of rural area.It seems that only in this way can rural people live a better life.



Dragon Boat Festival also names Dragon Boat Festival, this has continued more than 2024 years custom in China, although the people are in motherland each region, is actually every year is crossing this same holiday. The south most must hang Zhong Kui to look like, hangs the leaves of grass calamus, the match dragon boat, eats the steamed rice dumpling, drinks the realgar wine, also all the various illnesses, match the sachet. In the north can also see that each and every family hangs the Chinese mugwort, eats the steamed rice dumpling, the careful person will also see on children's neck, the skill, the ankle area will be all colors line. Although method has had the difference respectively, but longed for safe, happiness, all the various illnesses do not invade the mood is the same!


The weather of this weekend was good and comfortable with two sunny days.People could not wait to go out for a walk because it had been raining for such a long time.

Some people went hiking,while others went to shopping or gathered together with friends.As for me,I just stayed at home on Saturday because my parents were busy so that they could not take me out.But Sunday,we went to the park and went boating on the lake.We were really happy on that day.



There is a universal saying that practice makes perfect,however I think appropriate practice makes perfect considering to training technique,training volume and other reasons.Practice can make you remember and understand something new,but inappropriate practice may make your effort useless or even lead you to the opposite direction.

Therefore,before your practice,you should think about whether your method,plan are appropriate or not.Only the appropriate method and plan help you get what you wish.Practicing oral English,for instance,if you say a word in a poor pronunciation,no matter how many times you say it,you will never pronounce it correctly.



At present,only a few students read after class.Here are several reasons: First,some students are so busy that the don’t have time to do reading due to teachers leaving them too much homework.Second,some students are not likely to read at all.Because they spend too much time in watching TV,searching the Internet and playing games.Finally,as the whole society do not attach importance to reading,parents do not urge students to read.


I feel it’s a pity that students do not read as much as before since books are the main resource of knowledge.Books also can take us to where we can’t really go,can help us experience the things we can’t really see.In addition,when you feel upset or irritable,reading is a good way to comfort yourself or make you calm down.I suggest that no matter how busy you are,you should spend some time in reading.Once you stict to it,you’ll get benefits.



My birthday is on May 6.My parents and friends celebrate it to me every year.On that day,we usually hold a small birthday party at home and invite my friends to come for a dinner.We chat,watch TV or play games together that we really enjoy ourselves.When we are playing,my parents prepare a delicious dinner.My friends and I like the dishes very much.Of course,I can get some gifts from parents and friends.I am very happy because they always know what I want and need.But,on the other hand,when the birthday comes,I am a year older,so that I must be more sensible and independent.Last but not the least,it’s also a time to show my appreciation to my parents.They work hard and do their best to bring me up.



Human beings are advanced animals in the world. Some animals are very kind. For example , if you are kind to a dog , it will shake. It will tail to you. So if you are kind to others, they will also be kind to you.

You have lots of chances to give your small kindness if you see a disabled person working in the street. You can help him to cross the street. If you meet a stranger, you can show him the way. If he or she asks you questions, you should be kind to answer them. That is you give small kindness to others. Maybe it seems to you a piece of cake, but it is very important to people in need. If you do this, the others will do it to you.

Be kind to others, and they will be kind to you.


My name is Claire and I’m in my fourteen years old.I live a happy life because I have a warm and harmonious family.There are four people in my family.They are my parents and my elder brother.My parents both are teachers so that my brother and I have been well educated.

I am four years younger than my brother who always cares much about me.We have a good relationship,though we quarrel even fight sometimes.Actually,I am likely to consider it as a sign of love.In one word,I really love my family.How about yours?



In recent years,studying abroad has been popular in our country.More and more middle school students would like to go abroad through mediators.Is it good or bad to study abroad? In my opinion,on one hand,it has some advantages.Studying abroad can provide better studying conditions.People can make rapid progress in their foreign language study and it can also help widen their field of vision.Meanwhile,young students can learn advanced science and technologyfromforeign countries and spread cultures of different nations.

On the other hand,it has disadvantages.For example,because of the lack of living experience and poor capability to take care of themselves,they may feel lonely and homesick.In addition,high living expenses and tuition fees will become a heavy burden upon their parents.

So I think whether studying abroad or not should be decided according to oneself and one’s family.It is not right to follow others.


There are forty-two students in my class,with 25boys and 17girls.It’s an active class,and the reason may be that the boys are more than girls.The classroom atmosphere of our class is very good,because we interact with teachers quite often.Our classmates are all united and helpful to each other.

We often organize some activities to enhance the relationship between classmates and our regular activity is the English Day in every two weeks that we can only speak English during recess.Maybe it sounds a little difficult but it really funny and classmates enjoy it very much.



Good morning , ladies and gentlemen. Iam Luo Yiming from Class Eight, Grade Three. It’s my honour to give you the speech . My topic is about “confidence”.

I believe everyone knows the importance of confidentce, however, not everyone has cnfidence. Actually speaking, I am a shy boy with little confidence. When I told my kmother about the news of ral Engish competition, she encouraged me to take part in it. She said the “Nothing is impossible”. She wants me to practice myself though this competition and improve my confidence.

As a wise man once said, “ If you have no confidence, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” Confidence is like a light in the dark. With confidence, one can be brave and overcome difficulties.

Thanks for my mother’s encouragement, now I am standing here to show myself. And I want to say fore today on , I will challenge myself, and try my best to be brave to do everything. I believe I can be a person with great confidence in the future.

That’s all, thanks for listening !


This year, the Dragon Boat Festival is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

Everyone kno that Dragon Boat Festival can dragon boat and eat seeds. But this year, Im not the same.

In the morning I opened my eyes and caught my brother in a noisy voice. Come out, theyre eating the seeds! I couldnt to brush my teeth and grab a seed to eat. At noon, my brother and I took a "healthy bath". Soon I and my brother in the

Even though I didnt have the grass. But I had an interesting Dragon Boat Festival.


Now in some places of our country,a number of people have been cutting down the trees in the forests because they need wood and more farmland.The areas of forests are getting smaller and smaller.Some scientists say that there will be no vast forests in 20 or 30 years.It is really a terrible thing.Where the forests disappear,dust storms will occur occasionally.The weather will get hot and dry.The whole earth will become a big desert.A lot of plants and animals will disappear.Crops will not grow anywhere.Life will be difficult for everyone.The human beings will be punished for their forest-destroying activities.


Therefore,we should realize the importance of taking care of our forests.We should do our best to protect our living environment and keep mountains green,water clean,and the sky blue.



We couldn' t believe that it was a village.The buildings for the farmers were very beautiful,the streets were very clean and there were many flowers in front of the houses.

In the middle of the village there was a school with a wonderful building and a large playground.All the children in the village study there.

The farmers got richer by planting vegetables and raising silkworms.In their houses there were colour TV sets,fridges,washing machines,new furniture and even motorbikes.All these showed the farmers' life was getting better and better.

The great changes had attracted foreigners.Today some of them would come to visit it.We were happy for the farmers.We hope the farmers will be richer and happier.


Tomorrow is Teachers’ Day and I can’t help thinking of my teachers.They do the great job in the world.

In the vast ocean live many creatures with great intellectual and physical capacities.Dolphin is one of those great creatures,whose capacities to think and move at an astounding rate puzzle those who study their behaviors,Dolphins possess something that makes them different from all the other sea creatures.

It is not strength or speed but the size of their brains.Dolphin's brain is almost the same size as that found in the human head.They live for a ling time.

Dolphins'babies are born in the water.They can grow up to three and a half meters long.

Dolopins use sound to help them find their way,look for their food and talk with each other.Sound is just like their eyes and mouths.


Recently,it has been reported that a girl got her feet stuck in the sewer,because she kept her attention on the smart phone.

When she realized her feet were stuck,she tried hard to get rid of it,but she failed.With the help of policeman,she was set free.It sounds a little ridiculous,but when we look at the people around,we can find that the new technology distracts their attention from face to face communication.

People like to talk on the Internet,then they ignore the things in reality life.No matter what they are doing,waiting for the bus or sitting at the table with their friends,smart phones are always at their hands.It seems that smart phone has controlled their lives.Life is beautiful if we can see it,or we will miss the amazing moment.Don’t let the technology controls your life.


Today, I to the grandmas home my father and mother for the Dragon Boat Festival. entered the door, grandma said, "today is Dragon Boat Festival. Lets make dumplings." promised. Grandma said, "bamboo leaves need to be soaked for a

After a , began to pack the zongzi. Each of us picked up three pieces of bamboo leaves, grabbed a handful of glutinous rice our hands, put them in the bamboo leaves, and put on some big red dates. And then it into a cone. Im glad to have a zongzi up. I said to grandma, "the dumplings are so simple. Grandma said, "the real bag is not easy!" After finishing the package, the dumplings cooked.

Our family is very happy to eat s rice dumplings.


The movie Harry Portter is favored by the people all around the world and the novels are read by fans.Though the movie has ended,the three main protagonists are remembered all the time.Emma Watson is one of the main protagonists.She plays the role very well and she never gives up her study,which sets the great example to the young people.After the end of the movie,Emma goes to the top university,though she continues her acting career,she still focuses on her study.When she graduates,she works on promoting the equality between men and women.She becomes the spokesman of feminism and she gives the inspiring speech He For Her.

Everybody gives high praise to this girl.She’s grown up and becomes a strong woman.Her speech is supported by the public.


Summer can be very hot in southern Taiwan where the temperature usually goes up to 32"C or more.Because of the heat it is a trying experience to go to school or do anything else in a place that is not air-conditioned.Also because of this I stay at home most of the time during the summer vacation and occasionally go to the beach to plunge myself into the cool water as a way to keep my body less sticky.

Actually I like swimming think nothing is more refreshing than a swim.In the summer vacation that has ended I went swimming many times with my classmates we all had a good time.This summer vacation,however,was not spent entirely in seeking fun.As a second-year senior student I had to prepare myself for the college entrance examinations that were a year away.In other words,I must find time to study,too.So I divided my time between work play during the summer vacation derived benefit from this arrangement.


Then the Dragon Boat Festival, which is full of brown fragrance, reminds me of the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival.

When I was five years old, I passed a Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown in hunan. That morning, my father led me to watch the dragon boat race. Before we reached the river, we could hear the drums and the drums in the distance. As we approached, there were a lot of colorful flags in the river, the sea of people on the shore, and five dragon boats lined up in the river, and the rowing hands were ready. The official race began, only to hear the sound of a cannon, five dragon boats running forward like five arrows of the string, and you chased me to the chase. The sound of the oil, the drums, the cheers…… Unusually busy.

There was a fine rain in the sky, but people didn't care, and they were completely immersed in the sea of joy. In the cheers of the people, there was a dragon boat race to the end, and laughter and cheers were louder.

I saw the shore watching the people threw rice dumplings into the river and the eggs, I was very strange and said, "dad, what they are doing, why do you want to throw good carry of the rice dumplings into the water?" Father said, "dragon boat racing originated from the ancient chu people loathe to give up virtuous minister die cast jiang qu yuan, a lot of people boating after save. They compete, chase to dongting lake disappeared. After a year on May 5th row dragon boat to commemorate his. Borrow rowing dragon boat out of the river fish, threw zongzi food such as fish feed at the same time, in order to avoid the fish eat qu yuan's body."

I love the Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown. Qu yuan, the patriotic poet in our hometown, is worth remembering.


Dragon Boat Festival is my favourite festival.

During the holiday of Dragon Boat Festival,I got together with my family to have a big meal.We ofen ate the zongzi.It tasted very nice.And we saw the Dragon Boat Races.I felt excited because the race was bustling with noise and excitement.At Dragon Boat Festival,we also drank realgar wine.Some people thought drank realgar wine can protect themselves from illness.

Dragon Boat Festival was interesting and I like it very much.


Spring in March,accompanied by the comfortable weather and warm sunshine,our class had a spring outing on Saturday.We went to Renmin Park hold some activities and all of my classmates were so excited that they looked like the birds just coming out from birdcage.

We playing games,boating,and fishing there.At the same time,we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of spring.Some people in the park also joined us and had fun.We had a happy day and the relationship of classmates were getting closer.



Good morning,everyone! It’s a great honor for me to introduce myself to all of you.My name is Serena and I’m fifteen years old.I come from Dalian city which is a beautiful and attracting place.Wish you can visit there and I believe that you will be impressed.

English and movie are my favorites which can help me learn and relax.I like making friends,especially the ones who share common interests with me.And I think we can have much to share and talk.I hope to make progress with my friends.Thank you.



On Dragon Boat Festival, parents also need to dress their children up with a sachet. They first sew little bags with colorful silk cloth, then fill the bags with perfumes or herbal medicines, and finally string them with silk threads. The sachet will be hung around the neck or tied to the front of a garment as an ornament. They are said to be able to ward off evil.

The sachets (Hsiang Pao in Chinese) are very popular with children and they vie with each other to collect as many as possible. Children are not the only ones who collect Hsiang Pao. Older people are often given them as a symbol of respect, and they are highly prized because of the intricate and beautiful embroidery that adorns them.


I have ever enjoyed a song called I Believe I Can Fly. In fact, I have forgotten the most words of the song, but I still remember the thing it has told me. Everyone who wants to succeed must believe himself first.

I was afraid of exams because I didnt do well in studying. Though it made me lose confidence. I have never thought about finding a way to change it. Until one day, my teacher showed me the song and told me that she believed I could do it. At that moment, I seemed to see that the bright sun is waiting for me, so I closed my eyes and told myself, Yes, I can fly!

I have been brave and tried my best to change for the better since then. As the matter of fact. I have done it! Now Im not afraid of exams any more.

To my way of thinking, when any trouble happens to us, we just tell ourselves that I believe I can fly, then we can really do it. So dont be afraid of anything, you know, there wont be a problem that we are not able to face.


I have a wide range of interests and enjoy doing many things during my free time.


I am fond of reading.I often read after class.My classmates like watching TV while I prefer to read.I read various kinds of books and newspapers that they afford me stories and news.The book I like most isThe House on the Mango Street.I am also a music lover.Pop music is my favorite.I often listen to the music programs on radio and I also have an MP3 downloading all my favorite songs.In addition,swimming and badminton are my favorites,too.They help me build a healthy body.


In short,I enjoy my life in school very much.Reading books,listening to music and doing sports are very helpful to my health and my studies.



Under the world’s watching,Rio Olympic Games finally came to its opening ceremony.Before,a lot of problems had been exposed and many people wondered if Rio could finish the task and present the world a wonderful opening ceremony.The answer was definitely positive.Though the budget was very limited,the government showed the world a green Olympic Games.It is the trees that make our home safe and healthy,while today a lot of people have forgot it and they pollute and destroy the environment.How can we survive in the future.The opening ceremony gave the answer that was to plant trees and protect our environment.

Rio Olympic Games showed a great theme and it is creative.The government do not let people down,instead they surprise the world and remind people of the importance of green.


Mrs.Jane is my English teacher and she is 30 years old.She looks so young and beautiful that my classmates like her very much.Of course,the most important reason is that she is so kind and her lessons are so great.

She likes staying with us and talking to us which can help her to know what problem we have and how she can do to improve her teaching,she once said.She encourages us to work hard often.When we make progress,she is pleased with us.Because of her,my English has greatly improved.



Television has come into our lives for many years.We can nearly say that we can’t live happily without television.It can give us the latest information and news.It can open up our eyes and enlarge our knowledge.We can be entertained by the programs on television.Otherwise,we’ll be boring all day if there is no television.Television programs are attractive.After a whole day’s hard work,we can sit before the television enjoying ourselves.How wonderful it is!


However,television also does harm to people’s health.It’s bad for us to watch TV too long,especially bad for our eyes.Besides,watching TV may take the time to study or play on outside world.In short,television is good and we should make use of it appropriately.




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