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At the beginning of May each year five China is the most traditional festival, the Dragon Boat festival.

In the festival, we get up early in the morning. Suddenly, I heard a smell of fragrance. I ran over to see it. What a big pot of zongzi! How sweet it is! Greedy dead me! Look at the next pot, wow! There is also a big basin of snowy white duck eggs and garlic. It looks lovely and I want to eat. Mom said, "hurry up and wash your face and brush your teeth." After I washed, I sat around the table. Dad put rice dumplings, duck eggs, eggs and garlic on the table. Our family finished our breakfast happily and cheerfully.

Then I went to the vegetable market with my father and mother to buy rice field eel and amaranth, and I asked my mother why I want to buy these things. My mother said, "this is the custom of Dragon Boat Festival". I still don't understand, but nodded. Later, my mother took me to buy some green grass to go home. Give me a bath with wormwood soaked mother, I asked why the mother with wormwood bath? Mother said, "because this mosquito doesn't sting you." The mother and the rest of the ed in the door, I asked my mother why the wormwood are ed in the door? Mom said, "because this mosquito will not fly to our house."

After the bath, my mother told me that there was another name called "doll's Day" on the Dragon Boat Festival. At last, mom wore colorful knits on my hands. Today, I know a lot of knowledge about five sessions. I am so happy.


The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon this year. On the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, every family was busy making zongzi.

This morning, when I got up, I saw that my mother had put fragrant dumplings and hot eggs on the table. I hurriedly washed a few faces, ask father to eat zongzi together. Dad quickly came to the table, and we ate and talked about rice dumplings. I said to my father, "the shape of zongzi is very special. It is neither square nor round. What shape is it?" My father didn't answer me, but he told me about the origin of zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival. Father said: "it is said that eating zongzi is to commemorate the ancient poet qu yuan. Qu yuan wrote a lot of famous poems in his life, and put forward many patriotic political opinions, but the king did not adopt them. In the end, the land of chu was occupied, and he jumped into the river with great anger and indignation. In order to miss him and admire him, he threw zongzi and many delicious foods into the river on this day of the year, meaning that the fish would not be allowed to eat qu yuan's body.

Daddy's finished. I said, "qu yuan is really good! But mom, how are the dumplings wrapped?" Mother said: "zongzi is green, tender reed leaves wrapped in white glutinous rice and bright red jujube, if not bao dates, can also be replaced by beans. Cook it. One night. When cooked, peel the reed leaves that become dark green, and see the white rice balls inside, delicious, and not greasy. It is both an appetizer and a nutritious tonic.

Ah! The Dragon Boat Festival is not only unforgettable, but also delicious and nutritious zongzi.



On Dragon Boat Festival, we Shaoxing people have the habit of eating zongzi.


This years Dragon Boat Festival, grandma decided to make zongzi by herself instead of going to the supermarket. Grandma brought a basin full of glutinous rice. The washed glutinous rice is bright and crystal, like countless pearls scattered in a basin. Its lovely. Grandma knew that I like eating zongzi, so she cut the meat into large pieces. The stuffing is ready. Its time to make zongzi.


Grandma picked up two pieces of zongzi leaves, I quickly scooped up a cup of rice, grandma put on a big piece of meat, plus a little rice, and then somehow a fold, a fat zongzi in green clothes, with four corners was wrapped by us. We packed a lot of zongzi. Grandma put them into the pot one by one. In a short time, the pot sends out an attractive fragrance. How sweet! I sniffed like a greedy cat.


Eating zongzi! Grandma picked me a big dumpling. I ah Wu a bite down, so hot! But I still devour it. The dumplings I make are different in taste!



Five, "May is Dragon Boat Festival. Inserted Artemsia argyi, wearing sachet. Eat rice dumplings, sprinkle sugar. Shimizu Kiyoyo dragon boat. " Whenever I hear this song, think of the scene lively little during the Dragon Boat festival.


The Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the Miluo River to die of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. Dragon boat racing to fishing to save Qu Yuan. Threw rice dumplings into the river, is to let the fish Jiao crab had eaten enough, not to eat his body. After a very long time evolution, to the river throwing dumplings became May in Chinese lunar calendar day to eat dumplings.


The Dragon Boat Festival and weighing five, so many customs and "Five" the numbers together. The use of red, yellow, blue, white, black colored silk red line in the child's neck, wrist or ankle, said a long thread. Each must "five ends": Acorus calamus, Ai Cao, pomegranate flower, Ixora, garlic. The Dragon Boat Festival, eat yellow: yellow croaker, cucumber, salty duck, egg yolk, soybean valve package dumplings, drinking realgar wine.


Ah, I really like the Dragon Boat Festival!


Today is May 28th, the annual Dragon Boat Festival. It was dad's birthday.

Day, our family get up early, turn on the TV to watch the dragon boat race, just started, only 1 dragon boat like rapidly toward the front row at the beginning, 4 dragon boat is not to be outdone, try very hard to follow, the crew are absorbed in the boating, the speed of the two teams neck and neck, followed closely behind the other team, 3 also chased up from behind, suddenly, no. 5 in 1 turn, on the verge of building, and I for them out of the covered in sweat, I'm really anxious about 1 and 5, one thousand on how to do? At this time, once the no. 1 turn, flexible escaped the building of the no. 1, with 30 meters. Then get to the end, I hurriedly cheer for no. 4, in their hearts together, no. 5 1, 4 second, third, 2, while other players did not take place, but they are not sad, is said to get places next time.

At night, my friends came, and I was playing with my computer. At half past eight, it was time to eat the cake, and my mother lit the candles, turned off the lights, and everyone sang a birthday song. Sing song, eat the cake, we continue to play up the "biological warfare", we mora decide who to when the ghost, ZhuangFengJie and zhu may when the deep and remote, 20 seconds after, we really hurriedly hid, I hide in the jungle, found all people don't find me, I became their target, I am like a criminal, they became a special police, take a night-light, according to according to the infrared according to me, I am unbearable, blunt go out, just grab a "dish" by them.

At half past nine, I had to make a distinction with these "special police".


Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. Whenever this time, every household has packed zongzi to prepare for that day to eat enough. There is also a children's song of Dragon Boat Festival: "five in May, is duyang, Artemisia leaf, wear sachet, eat zongzi, sprinkle white sugar, dragon boat is pleased with water". Well, this is a good nursery rhyme.

Dragon Boat Festival is also known as "heavy five", so many customs are related to the number of "Five". But to use red, yellow, blue, white and black colored silk thread in the child's neck, wrist or ankle, called a long thread.

The Dragon Boat Festival has many origins and customs. One of the origins is this. In ancient times, there was a poet called Qu Yuan. He was framed by the bad people. In order to prove his innocence, he died in the Miluo River and advocated patriotism. Later, people used dragon boat racing to save him. He put in the dumplings to make the fish and shrimp full and not to eat Qu Yuan's remains.

The way we celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in Liuzhou is: first thing in the morning, we first buy Artemisia argyi and Acorus calamus, then hang them on the door and paste red paper. My grandmother can also make dumplings, and the ingredients of zongzi are beans, chestnuts and pork. It's sweet to eat!

Having said so much, I believe you all know the Dragon Boat Festival.






Dragon Boat Festival is a Chinese folk grand, celebration is various, common activity has the following a variety of forms: dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, peja sweet bursa, calamus, etc.

Today is the annual Dragon Boat Festival. Father and mother get up early and go out and buy a lot of food. I asked dad what the grass was, and dad said, "it's a flag." Father made a sword of calamus and put it on the eyebrow. The mother also adjusted the realgar wine to the wall corner, the chest side spray, say: "can antiseptic prevent disease!"

In the middle of the day, my mother cooked a hearty meal. There are chickens, ducks, meat, brown and bread cones, and so on. Mom and dad told me when we eat in the Dragon Boat Festival origin story: in a long time ago there was still the poet named qu yuan after miluo river, they package rice dumplings to commemorate him. I listened to the mystery and ate with relish.

How happy the Dragon Boat Festival is this year!


The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is our Dragon Boat Festival. Every year, people will commemorate the great poet qu yuan in a variety of ways. Some people eat zongzi, some people boil eggs with mugwort, others eat "five yellow", more people race dragon boat, the expectation of health and safety, no disease.

I got up early in the morning to go to the park with my mother. Wow, it's a long way from the park. The ball was flying, and it was very lively. Each pedestrian has a colorful gourd, a variety of hydrogen balloons and blow-moulding toys, as well as bright and beautiful purses. My little hand was not idle, just for a moment, I picked up a pair of red gourd, a bunch of colorful bells, and a pair of golden auspicious fish. Looked at the grass flashing crystal clear dew, I also can't help but like others to scooped up a handful, gently pat on the face, arm, and revealing the legs, relaxed and comfortable pole 'breathing the fresh air, looking at tourists play play, my in the mind also feel especially happy.

When I got home, my grandma had cooked rice dumplings and eggs. I ate glutinous rice dumplings and listened to qu yuan's story. I was also struck by the spirit of qu yuan's failure to surrender to the powerful.

Dragon Boat Festival is a very meaningful and happy festival. I like Dragon Boat Festival.


Waking from sleep, breathing fresh air. From the people's laughter, the good reverie of the Dragon Boat Festival to feel the beauty and the holy. On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, both the body and the people are known for their hope for a better life.

Ate two eggs, we carry baggage to the triangle mountain feet, we skied down the mountain the winding path, with the feelings of excitement, saw the huge rock, strong green trees, the aroma of fresh flowers, lively insects, clear brook, green grass……

Walking along, we finally reached the top of the triangle mountain. Standing on the top of the hill overlooking the distance, looking down below, people often say: "kung fu is not a man of mind", standing tall, looking far away. Seeing the tall buildings, the endless streets…… Standing on the top of the mountain, there is a feeling of high up, and a long journey. The walk, we were exhausted, sitting on the big rock, enjoying the beautiful scenery, eat the delicious food, let people more close to nature, to experience the mysterious and beautiful nature. Accompanied by the voices of people, countless "little sailors" envy pole in the sky, also came to the people's side, although the misty rain in the sky, but they don't regret, but more like triangle mountain.

Such as home, it's already much, eating good wishes mother wrapped dumplings, the in the mind is very happy because he thought in the beautiful morning, the Dragon Boat Festival we are looking forward to tomorrow, we each child festival - "June 1" children's day.


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China, whenever this time, each household wrap the dumplings, the day is full of food preparation. And one of the first Dragon Boat Festival Songs: "May 5, is the Dragon Boat Festival, ed Artemsia argyi, wearing sachet, eating dumplings, sprinkle with sugar, dragon boat launching radiant." How about this song, listen.

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as "heavy five", so many customs and "Five" the number of associations. But to use red, yellow, blue, white and black colored silk thread in the child's neck, wrist or ankle, called a long thread.

The origin and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival are a lot, but also can not say. Which is such a history, in ancient times there was a poet named Qu Yuan, he by the bad guys framed, to prove his innocence, he voted the Miluo River to die, advocate patriotism. Later people race is to rescue him, threw zongzi is to let fish eat, not to eat his body.





The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. On this day, people will make zongzi and dragon boat racing.

Qu yuan was a doctor in the state of chu during the warring states period. He was very popular and was popular with the people. At that time, qin's strength was very strong, qu yuan wanted to unite various countries against qin. However, they were strongly opposed by the nobles of chu. Qu yuan saw that the army of the state of qin was about to run into the gate of chu. Think: the country has no hope, I alive still have what meaning. So he committed suicide on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

After qu yuan's death, the common people poured the dumplings into the water with the leaves of the liao, fearing that the animals in the water would eat qu yuan. In order to frighten fish not to let them eat qu yuan's body, to search for the body of qu yuan, people also made a long boat called "dragon boat". Every Dragon Boat Festival, people dragon boat race.

Until now, we still live Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival in China. Now the Dragon Boat Festival is no longer limited to eating zongzi and dragon boat racing, but there are conditions for traveling to other places, and there are no conditions for you to visit your hometown.

People still don't forget qu yuan, the "patriotic poet". We must inherit our forefathers' wishes and build our motherland better.


The traditional Dragon Boat Festival custom is to eat dumplings. Our family has a be worthy of the name of the package dumplings players -- my mother. Time of year of the Dragon Boat Festival, we can eat delicious dumplings. Momma always said: rice dumplings wrapped in reed leaves the most fragrant. So, every Dragon Boat Festival, mother with reed leaves zongzi. She was in before the first rice dumplings, ready to work: put the leaf of reed in the water boil, the prepared glutinous rice and jujube were washed. As reed leaves cool later, she began to pack dumplings. She take the three leaf, the three leaf rolled into a cone, and then put a date, then put the glutinous rice inside, and then sandwiched between a few dates, the line leaves tied, a to wrap dumplings. She dumplings plump, like a Buddha in bed. And so after the dumplings, mother put them in a pressure cooker and steam for forty minutes, then put in three or four hours, so tasty, and then you can eat! Mother dumplings very incense, incense made me see dumplings will eat up tit-bit. So, whenever I eat rice dumplings, I always eat a lot!

Eating dumplings, Dragon-boat race, the two traditional weaving together a lively dragon boat festival.




A few days ago, the school board posted a notice about the holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, and it was very happy to see the word "holiday", but did not understand what a festival it was.

So, together with several classmates after class, the teacher asked him to stop. The teacher patiently told us the story of qu yuan's national investment, and my classmates and I listened with great interest. Puzzle finally the teacher said: "people in order to commemorate qu yuan on the Dragon Boat Festival day to do a lot of activity, then slowly into the dragon-boat festival custom, the Dragon Boat Festival what are you don't know about the us custom of Dragon Boat Festival?" My classmates and I look forward to the holidays. The Dragon Boat Festival finally arrived, I got up early, because last night and my mother are ready in the morning to go to pick the mugwort, mother said that the Dragon Boat Festival day soaking in water to wash their hands of mugwort washing a face, can go to ill health. My mother and I picked a bundle of mugwort and planted some around the house. Then I started to hang the gourd, and the little gourd was very colorful. My mother tied a multiclored line around my neck, wrist, and ankle and said I would be healthy. Later my family cooked many eggs and cooked many delicious dishes. It's great to have a Dragon Boat Festival.

At the beginning of school, I told the teacher about the experience of the Dragon Boat Festival. The teacher said that she also received many blessings like me.


dragon boat festival, often known as tuen ng festival or duan wu festival, is a traditional chinese festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the chinese calendar. it is also known as the double fifth.[citation needed] it has since been celebrated, in various ways, in other parts of east asia as well, most notably korea.

the exact origins of duan wu are unclear, but one traditional view holds that the festival memorializes the chinese poet qu yuan of the warring states period. he committed suicide by drowning himself in a river because he was disgusted by the corruption of the chu government. the local people, knowing him to be a good man, decided to throw food into the river to feed the fishes to prevent them from eating qu"s body. they also sat on dragon boats, and tried to scare the fishes away by the thundering sound of drums aboard the boat and the fierce looking dragon-head in the front of the boat.

in the early years of the chinese republic, duan wu was also celebrated as "poets" day", due to qu yuan"s status as china"s first poet of personal renown.

today, people eat zongzi (the food originally intended to feed the fishes) and race dragon boats in memory of qu"s dramatic death.

端午节,往往被称为端午节或段吴节,是一种传统的中国节日举行的`第5天的第5个月对中国的日历。它也被称为双五分之一。 它已被庆祝,以各种方式,在其他部分的东亚地区,以及,最显着的韩国。

确切的起源段吴不清楚,但一个传统的观点认为,电影节memorializes ,中国诗人屈原的战国时期。他致力于自杀溺水自己的一条河,因为他是反感,由腐败的楚政府。有关地方人民政府,明知他是一个好人,决定投掷食物到河饲料的鱼,以防止他们吃曲的身体。他们还就坐在龙艇,并试图恐吓鱼类远离由如雷的声音,鼓上的船民和激烈的期待龙头,在前面的船民。

在最初几年,中国共和国,段武也庆祝“诗人节” ,由于屈原的地位,作为中国的第一诗人的个人名声。



'get up! Get up! When you hear the sound, you must think that this is daddy, mother is asking me to get up. Then you're wrong. This is my father's voice, and you say, "why did you call your dad?" Because today is the Dragon Boat Festival, my father and I are going to the great Lin river on the bridge. A cool breeze came over me at the door, and I shivered and said, "it's cold." Along the way, people come and go, some people have come back, some people have just gone, I said: "daddy hurry", so, we speed up.

There are so many people by the river! There are old people, adults, students, children…… We found a good place to put the boat, sailing first, it was plain sailing. Then we placed the wish boat, and they carried my wish away. My father and I looked down to wash our face, and suddenly found that there were small fish swimming in the river, as if we were celebrating the arrival of the Dragon Boat Festival. The small fish is only one centimeter long, very lovely! I held my hand for a long time and didn't catch it. I had to pick up some stones with my father and leave the river.

When I got to the bridge, I looked far into the distance, and the water in the big river rose white and foggy, and the fog enveloped the river, and the distant view was not clear. I had a feeling of standing in the clouds. We dropped a few stones under the river, and only heard the sound of "pass, pass," and the river rippled and the boat drifted away into the distance.

We are reluctant to leave the river, also sent the Dragon Boat Festival this year. Next year's Dragon Boat Festival we will come to play the boat.


Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat race is a unique folk activities, the causes of this event is to memorate one of ancient China during the great poet - Qu Yuan established.

I am fortunate enough to see a dragon-boat race, because my father just the day time, so our whole family to see the dragon-boat race. Dragon-boat race to reach the venue, the shore on both sides has long been the people watching Wai was packed, and I saw a gap on the bridge, perhaps family members crowded the past. This position clear at a glance down the entire river.

Dragon-boat race began, each boat is like a arrow, the forward, every boat is tied to many of the following are dumplings, each step forward, there are people on the boat with a knife to cut rice dumplings thrown into the water the next. Each dragon boat is not at the speed of up and down: on the 1st minute lead on the 8th again and pretty soon to catch up with the. Van

Suddenly, it seems efforts to increase boating hand, each only a faster boat. At this time, the hands began to beat the drum-ming, rowing hand is immediately followed by the rhythm of the : "Thunk! Thunk! Ho! Ho! Ho ho ho ……" seems to boost the morale of God , has started drizzling. Really drum! Voice! Cheers! Blast sound! Rain! Sweat! Compatible with the river water!

Dragon pace, as if in the long rapid river groups in the FT. Gradually, gradually. 1, 5, 9, constitute the leading group. 100 meters! 50 meters! 20 meters. . . . . . The end draws near, only 5 of the power of the outbreak out of control! Two dragon boat to the back of far left behind, and then the finish line of the!

Dragon-boat race is a fierce petition ah!


Dragon Boat race Traditions At the center of this festival are the dragon boat races. Competing teams drive their colorful dragon boats forward to the rhythm of beating drums. These exciting races were inspired by the villager's valiant attempts to rescue Chu Yuan from the Mi Lo river. This tradition has remained unbroken for centuries.

Tzung Tzu A very popular dish during the Dragon Boat festival is tzung tzu. This tasty dish consists of rice dumplings with meat, peanut, egg yolk, or other fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves. The tradition of tzung tzu is meant to remind us of the village fishermen scattering rice across the water of the Mi Low river in order to appease the river dragons so that they would not devour Chu Yuan.

Ay Taso The time of year of the Dragon Boat Festival, the fifth lunar moon, has more significance than just the story of Chu Yuan. Many Chinese consider this time of year an especially dangerous time when extra efforts must be made to protect their family from illness. Families will hang various herbs, called Ay Tsao, on their door for protection. The drinking of realgar wine is thought to remove poisons from the body. Hsiang Bao are also worn. These sachets contain various fragrant medicinal herbs thought to protect the wearer from illness.


Today,it is the Dragon Boat Festival. My grandma and grandpa came to myhouse. My grandmother said to me: "their families hang mugwort calamus,eatzongzi,go up the hill and pick green,and eat zongzi and make zongzi. Early inthe morning,I followed my grandma pack up,first of all take out two pieces ofleaves,one large and one small learn to the appearance of the grandmother outof the corner,again a little bit on the folded Angle cone into the soakglutinous rice,some red bean paste,and glutinous rice was built. I started tobe a little smug,thinking: it's hard for me to make a simple dumpling. But whenI put the leaves back on,the glutinous rice was like a naughty child who didn'tlisten to my mands and jumped out in succession. I was like a cat on hot brickstoday,fortunately,my grandma solution for me get some glutinous rice around abit,I breathed a sigh of relief,the in the mind of a heavy piece of rock.After a few setbacks,I finally got to the last step. I took the palm rope and wrapped it in a circle and then I gave it to mygrandmother. It was then that I realized that zongzi was a handicraft work andit was very difficult to wrap up.

This time the Dragon Boat Festival can be really interesting,not only Iwill make dumplings,but also know that if there is a setback,I will also climbup and try again!


Grandmother always put me to the gate, asked the want me to come back as soon as possible to eat tzu. I always fell on the disappeared.

Small partners at this time are almost , and Sisters from the big head next door, led us to the river this group watch dragon-boat race. Because of the smaller rivers, so only two of the dragon boat, each boat has 13 individuals, 12 individuals paddle, one individual Ta and shouting slogans, "One, Two, Hey Yo, one, two, as soon as possible," 12 dark young man moves neatly, two dragon boat sailed forward catch.

However, the children will know what look? We are only just a bustling Fig. Girls in general saw a moment, we found that boring, and sat to one side from snacks to share, boys, it is not, of their total enjoy chasing the dragon boat race down the shore, because of the people paddling up the larger, almost every boys who have significant traces of water splashing, and are perhaps a boat to the end of the bar, just things finished, stood up, with partners go hand happily go home.

The sun is also slowly climbing the air, the kitchen has a bay leaf fragrance, and I quickly jumped on the kitchen, the has been the major tzu. In general, I would put that on the threshold sit tzu eat clean, and occasionally there will be a few rice grains to eat chicken and watch the greedy big cock-like, I was also amused …… ……

Today, even though over the Dragon Boat Festival, the mother every year package tzu, made give my son, even though the mother's skill is not less than the grandmother, but I always feel that what less.

I really miss the Dragon Boat Festival childhood ah!


There are many customs in Dragon Boat Festival, such as eating brown seeds, dragon boat racing and so on. In my mother's hometown Sanming has a custom of "cornel".

Fructus Corni is a kind of grass. It is long and green. On the Dragon Boat Festival, the local elderly will put a cornel on each side of their doors to protect their peace.

There was a Dragon Boat Festival. Our family went back to Sanming. On that day, I first saw grandpa and grandmother planting cornel. I saw the grandfather move a long ladder, next to the door (front of the door), and carefully take out a dogwood grass, worshiping heaven, words and words, and slowly climb up the ladder. At last, Grandpa looked for the crack near the door carefully. After finding the crack, he ed the Cornus officinalis and then came down.

We and grandparents in the distance looked at the big and small doors on the door with our heart ed cornel. A gentle breeze blowing, the door of the dogwood gently in the breeze swaying, it seemed to smile to say to us: "rest assured! I will surely bless you all! "

This is one of the customs of Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown -- planting cornel. However, with the progress of the times, more and more people will be less to get the judy.

So, I would like to propose to you: we must keep this custom and spread the ancient and long customs from generation to generation.


On June 2, I got up early and went to the kitchen, where I saw my mother, my grandmother and my father in the heat without knowing what they were doing.

I came closer to see, it was in the dumplings! I suddenly realize today is Dragon Boat Festival! I washed my hands and squeezed into the middle of my mother and grandmother, only to see some green reed leaves, yellow glutinous rice, red beans and bundles of string. I asked grandma what to do? She said in a soft voice, "first of all, make a funnel shape around the reed leaves, put the glutinous rice in it, then hold it back and wrap it up, and then tie it up with a string. Look at a zongzi is done!" I looked at my grandmother and picked up two pieces of reed leaves and began to wrap them up. I made it easy to wrap them in a funnel shape, and I put the glutinous rice in a crumpled reed. Why, why does glutinous rice leak from below? I looked down and saw that there was a small hole in the bottom. I gently tightened the reed, but I didn't want the reed to break. "Alas!" I became impatient, and my mother seemed to understand my mind and came to me and said, "baby, don't be discouraged, just do it a few more times." Said the mother picked up the leaf to wrap up, look, small and exquisite leaves in the mother's hand became a green oil big rice dumplings. I was stunned. My mother made zongzi so quickly. I secretly decide: I must make this zongzi wrapped!

After dozens of failures, I finally made a decent zongzi, no matter how ugly it was, but I was glad that it had been wrapped up after dozens of failures.

Ah! This Dragon Boat Festival is really amazing!


We all know that May 5th of the lunar calendar is Dragon Boat Festival, a song: "in May five, is the Dragon Boat festival. The mugwort leaf, wearing sachet, eat dumplings, sprinkle sugar, dragon boat launching Beaming with Joy." The Dragon Boat Festival also weighs five. Many customs are associated with the number five. Red, yellow, blue, white, black, colored silk, in the child's neck, wrist or ankle, called a long thread. Each must "five ends": calamus, wormwood, pomegranate, garlic, ixora. Dragon boat racing and eating zongzi are the main activities of Dragon Boat Festival.

According to legend, the dragon boat race is to rescue the patriotic poet Qu Yuan River to die. Put the dumplings into the river, in order to let the fish throw crab had eaten enough, not to eat his body. The Dragon Boat Festival to eat "yellow": yellow croaker, cucumber, salted duck, egg yolk, yellow Douban dumplings, drink realgar Yellow Wine. In the north and south, we should use "realgar" to draw "Wang" on children's forehead, and to wear colorful sachets on this day. The Dragon Boat Festival is popular in the Han, Zhuang, Buyi, Dong, Tujia, and Gelao ethnic areas.

On the Dragon Boat Festival, people clean their houses and sprinkle yellow water in the kitchen to kill poisonous insects or prevent poisonous insects from growing. This is the Dragon Boat Festival. Do you like it?


Today, grandma's house also wrapped zongzi. I took out two large and smallzongzi leaves like Grandma, folded a corner like Grandma, put some soakedglutinous rice on the folded corner tube, stuffed a large piece of fat pork, andcovered it with glutinous rice. I began to be a little complacent and thought: asimple zongzi can't help the smart me. But when I covered the Zongye again, theglutinous rice jumped out one after another like a naughty child. I was asanxious as ants on a hot pot. Fortunately, my grandmother "solved theencirclement" for me - I lost some glutinous rice, so I breathed a sigh ofrelief and put down a heavy stone in my heart. After some small setbacks, Ifinally came to the last step - tying a palm rope. Rice dumplings need to bewrapped tightly to taste good, so I took the palm rope and tied the ricedumplings round and round, and then gave them to my grandmother. At this time, Irealized that making zongzi is a craft. It's not easy to wrap it.

I feel that people commemorate Qu Yuan's great patriotism through variouscolorful activities, and the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festivalhave been formed over time. It contains the deep feelings of the people of themotherland and carries the gorgeous culture of the Chinese nation. It originatedand developed in China. We should protect it, inherit it and let people all overthe world know it.


I came to the Dragon Boat Festival full of palm smell. It reminds me of the custom of Dragon Boat Festival in our hometown.

When I was five years old, I had a Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown in Hunan. That morning, Dad led me to see the dragon boat racing. Not to the river, far heard the sound, very lively. As we approached, there were many colorful flags on the riverside. The shore was crowded with people. The five dragon boats lined up in the river, and the rowers were preparing for it. The official competition started, just heard a sound, and the five dragon boats were moving forward like five arrows. The sound of refueling, the sound of the gongs and drums, the cheers…… Abnormal excitement.

There was a continuous drizzle under the sky, but people didn't care at all. They were totally immersed in the sea of joy. In the cheers of people, a dragon boat came to the end. Laughter and cheers were more loud.

I saw the boisterous people on the shore throwing dumplings and eggs into the river. I asked, "Dad, what are they doing, why do you throw the good dumplings into the water?" Dad said, "dragon boat racing originated from ancient Chu people, because people could not afford to be a virtuous minister. Qu Yuan died in the river. Many people sailed to catch up. They scrambled to catch up with Dongting Lake. The dragon boat is commemorating him every May 5th. Dragon boat is used to drive away the fish in the river, while dumplings and other foods are fed to the fish, so as not to eat Qu Yuan's body.

I love the Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown. Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet in our hometown, is worth remembering for ever.






Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, and our family get up at five o 'clock and go up to the dew in accordance with custom. All the way, I put my hands to the eyes with my glittering dewdrops, and I felt as if my eyes were brighter. The eyes were so bright as they sat in the classroom that they could read anything.

After school, I spread my legs and ran home. As soon as I got to the door, I could smell zongzi, and as soon as I entered the door, I saw my father make a table for me to come home to eat. I had washed at the table, give mom and dad one solution for a zongzi, sprinkle with sugar, then give my own solution to a beautiful triangle zongzi, sprinkle with sugar to eat with relish. At the dinner table, we eat and talk, the room is filled with the happy atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival, the smell of zongzi and the aroma of incense.

Meal, mother gave me the ears with realgar wine, for my lips touch the lipstick, gave me a wrist red cord, dressed I like dumplings incense, let I to the school to learn.

I love eating zongzi, love the Dragon Boat Festival and enjoy the festive atmosphere.


It is coming from the miluo river waves quietly, thousands of years ago the waves like a drop of water, dye of leaves of green, from now on let every corner is filled with a timeless asshion.

In the spring, the summer followed, unconsciously, the life is more than green and incense.

In this festival, always can see someone with glutinous rice and wrapped in reed leaves the glistening that reed of red jujube, wrapped up into the shape of a good-looking (because of different region, so the parcel good shape will be different), the final analysis is fixed, represents the food festival, rice dumplings, wrapped.

Remember in my memory, remember the most clear is to weave the leaves into a wreath to wear on the head to run, this is a childhood of a big embarrassing thing. But it was also from that time that the Dragon Boat Festival became my hope.

In my hometown, there is also a custom is to wear auspicious multiclored rope. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, there are many children on their hands and feet with colorful ropes. See this maybe some people still don't understand the colorful rope for what? Colorful rope is a kind of hand cord made of five colored ropes. Here's a legend: it's good luck to wear colorful rope, and the first rain after the Dragon Boat Festival will have to take off the colorful rope to avoid getting wet.

A thousand years ago, the waves were green and still green.


Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, I listen to grandma said, eating zongzi, dragon boat racing are to commemorate the patriotic poet qu yuan. That dropped the zongzi water, is to let the fish eat qu yuan's body. "The dragon boat racing? I can't wait to ask. "That is, of course, in order to keep the river on the dragon, shrimp, fish, so as not to damage the body of qu yuan." Grandma replied.

After a while, my aunt came, carrying a bag of rice dumplings in her hands. I took the rice dumplings, peeling skin, see the stuffing inside the dark color, my aunt told me that it is made of black rice, with glazed date! I hurriedly handed the steamed rice dumpling to grandma and say with smile: "wish grandma happy Dragon Boat Festival!"

Aunt said: "the Dragon Boat Festival is one of our traditional festival, the yu, do you understand this knowledge?" I am ashamed of say: "don't really know." Aunt went on to say that "' terminal five section is also called '5', 'summer festival', 'big' and 'yulan section' and 'section of the day', 'mineral wax, poets section and so on". My aunt said "the custom of Dragon Boat Festival has a lot of……" I rob said: "this I know, there are eating zongzi, dragon boat racing, hanging moxa leaf, wearing five silk, sachets, etc." I said and picked up a rice dumplings, exhaled to eat. "Wow!" Are nice. I eat with relish for several, thought I could became a big face cat.

This had a happy Dragon Boat Festival!


Duanwu Festival (端午节, Duānwū Jié) is a traditional Chinese festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar. It is also known as the Double Fifth.[citation(引用;引证) needed] It has since been celebrated, in various ways, in other parts of East Asia as well. In the West, it‘s commonly known as Dragon Boat Festival.

The exact origins of Duan Wu are unclear, but one traditional view holds that the festival memorializes the Chinese poet Qu Yuan (c. 340 BC-278 BC) of the Warring States Period. He committed suicide by drowning himself in a river because he was disgusted by the corruption of the Chu government.

The local people, knowing him to be a good man, decided to throw food into the river to feed the fish so they would not eat Qu‘s body. They also sat on long, narrow paddle boats called dragon boats, and tried to scare the fish away by the thundering sound of drums aboard the boat and the fierce looking carved dragon head on the boat‘s prow(船头).

In the early years of the Chinese Republic, Duan Wu was also celebrated as Poets‘ Day, due to Qu Yuan‘s status as China‘s first poet of personal renown(名声名望).

Today, people eat bamboo-wrapped steamed glutinous(粘的) rice dumplings called zongzi (the food originally intended to feed the fish) and race dragon boats in memory of Qu‘s dramatic death.


In the morning of May 27th, we saw four (5) squadron's theme meeting class in the moral lecture hall, which is fragrant and fragrant.

In the team class, four (5) squadron students held a series of activities. What impressed me most is the legend of Dragon Boat Festival and Qu Yuan's patriotic poem recited by the host. There are many legends in the Dragon Boat Festival. The most widely circulated one is the legend of Qu Yuan's throwing into the river. The story of the four (5) squadron's King told us this legend: "Qu Yuan is a poet with patriotic feelings. He put forward some suggestions to the king of Chu. He was dissatisfied with the power and the dignitaries. The Chu king listened to the slanders of the dignitaries and put Qu Yuanliu in the South. In the near future, Qu Yuan learned that the king of Chu was under house arrest in the state of Qin and Chu. When the capital was conquered, it carried a big stone into the river. People throw their dumplings into the river on the day of Qu Yuan's throw into the river every year -- five in early May, hoping that the fish will eat Zongzi instead of Qu Yuan's corpse.

More can reflect the patriotic feelings of Qu Yuan, he wrote a poem, from the poem can reflect the mourning and resentment of the Chu king of Qu Yuan. With the reading of the host, the words written by the students and the Dragon week of the painting are completed. Later, the parents also wrapped some zongzi to cook in the field, attracting many small reporters to taste.

This team really enriched my understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival.


June 16th is Dragon Boat Festival. I ride my motorcycle with my parents to go to the mountains far away from the city. I wish you a happy voyage. smooth, pleasant scenery. But there was something unexpected, and just got to the halfway up the mountain. After a good motorcycle, the tire suddenly shrunk. We have to push back the motorcycle to vent the gas.

Because it is far from the urban area, there is no place to repair in a short time. Motorcycle is heavy, and without gas, it has greatly increased its weight. It is very hard to push. I have at the back, dad in front, after a while, the two of us out of breath, Sweat streamed down the face. Mother not only always give us encouragement, but also actively looking for a repair point. Although very tired, but I am very happy, because I also made a contribution, the whole family share bliss and misfortune together!

After a lot of hard work and hard work, we walked 5 kilometers, but we didn't reach our destination. Inquire to the local villagers that there will be a garage for half an hour to go forward, and there will be hope for it. Though we were exhausted, when we heard this, I was confident in pushing it up a hundredfold. In this half hour, it may be the longest 30 minutes of my life, and on the way I do my best to move forward, with only one thought, and perseverance is victory. Finally, in the close cooperation of my father and I, we have successfully completed this difficult journey.

This special trip made me really feel the hardships of labor. I believe this trip will be unforgettable for me. I think there will be no difficulty in coming up with any big difficulties in the future.


At the beginning of May each year is the Dragon Boat Festival five. The Dragon Boat Festival is China's traditional festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, section five.

The Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate Qu Yuan. Qu Yuan is not only in the spring and Autumn period chuhuaiwang ministers, or a love of the great poet. He has done many things for the people, so people in Chu state love him very much. Chuhuaiwang but listen to these words, his exile will cut level. In exile, Qu Yuan heard was the capital of Chu people in the enemy occupied. He was furious, came to the Miluo River and jumped in, it was the beginning of May five.

The Dragon Boat Festival has many customs, have to eat dumplings, dragon boat race, Artemisia leaves, with sachet…… Eating zongzi is because the people of the state of Chu know that after Qu Yuan threw the river, he quickly caught his corpse by fishing boat, went to Dongting Lake, or did not see the body of Qu Yuan. A fisherman took his prepared rice and vegetable roll into the river, said, let the water creatures do not eat Qu's body. Later, such rice balls became the "zongzi" now. The people of the state of Chu for sustenance miss, rowing over the river, and later developed into the Dragon Boat race.

The custom in our hometown is to eat rice dumplings and wormwood leaves. A lot of Taicang rice dumplings, dumplings, with candied dumplings, meat, egg yolk dumplings…… Not only are many kinds, but also many shapes. Having a triangle, having a rectangle…… Among them, I most love to eat dumplings and rice dumplings triangle.


Today is the Dragon Boat Festival. All the light rain, pedestrians on the road carrying bags of rice dumplings, rushing home for Dragon Boat Festival. I also carry bag in a great hurry home. Opened the door and had to two delicious, greasy rice dumplings. I don't wait on a bite, fragrance permeated the whole room immediately.

I asked my mother: this rice dumplings come from? Mother said: it is the opposite from the neighbor, his own package ". My clothes were blown off downstairs before, is the opposite of neighbors to help us retrieve; used to have good things to eat, and neighbors to send across the us, the mother often gave them some good things to eat. My momma always said: "the neighbors help, care for each other, love each other. "

Although the Dragon Boat Festival mother didn't give me package dumplings, did not give me prepare food for the Dragon Boat Festival, the home also does not have the bright, cheery festival atmosphere, but the neighbor old man let us feel a trace of warmth, let we had a different kind of Dragon Boat Festival.





The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. This festival is to commemorate the death of QU Yuan, an upright and honest poet and statesman who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

The most important activity of this festival is the Dragon Boat races. It symbolizes people‘s attempts to rescue Qu Yuan. In the current period, these races also demonstrate the virtues of cooperation and teamwork.

Besides, the festival has also been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice). Zong zi is made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. People who mourned the death of Qu threw Zong zi into the river to feed his ghost every year.

With the changes of the times, the memorial turns to be a time for protection from evil and disease for the rest of year. People will hang healthy herbs on the front door to clear the bad luck of the house. Although the significance of the festival might be different with the past, it still gives the observer an opportunity to glimpse a part of the rich Chinese cultural heritage.







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