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  • Unit 15 复习详解与练习初中英语教案

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    Warming up

    1.Imagine that you are offered a free air ticket that lets you travel around the world and make five stops along the way. 假如给了你一张免费机票让你作环球旅行并沿途作五处逗留。
    stop [C] 停止,中止(常与make, have搭配使用)。
    例如: The train came to a sudden stop. 火车突然停了下来。Traffic was brought to a complete stop.交通完全停顿了。
    2.Draw your flight line in the box on the right and mark the cities you want to visit on the map.
    (1)mark vt. 作记号,标明,留痕迹。例如:
    When you read the text, you’d better mark where you have questions.当你读这篇课文时,你最好在有疑问的地方作个标记。
    Later he brought out a package marked with the names and the date. 后来他取出了一个标有姓名和日期的包裹。
    (2)visit vt. 参观,访问。例如: He will soon visit Darwin. 他不久将去达尔文港。
    I don’t live here; I’m just visiting the city during my holiday. 我不住这儿,我只是在假期来这座城市参观。
    A TV station has invited Jennifer and her friends to take part in a competition.
    (1)invite vt.邀请,请求。例如:I won’t attend the party unless invited.除非受到邀请,否则我是不会出席这次聚会的。
    I’d like to invite you to dinner before I leave here.Would you do me a favour?我想在我离开这儿以前请你吃顿饭,您能赏光
    (2)take part in 参加。例如: All the students took an active part in the sports meeting.所有的学生都积极参加运动会。
    Are you going to take part in the discussion? 你要参加讨论吗?

    1.You are upset about the poor service. 糟糕的服务使你很不高兴。
    upset vt. 扰乱,使不安。例如: She is easily upset emotionally. 她的心绪容易烦乱。
    James was upset because he had lost his ticket. 詹姆斯很烦躁,因为他把车票丢了。
    2.Listen to your guest’s complaints. 听听客人的抱怨。
    complaint n. 抱怨,牢骚,委屈。例如: You have no cause for complaint. 你没有理由抱怨。
    Some children are full of complaints about their food. 有些孩子满口抱怨他们的食物不好。
    3.You may explain, apologize or argue as you see fit.如果你认为合适的话,你可以解释、道歉或者和他们争论。
    fit adj. 合适的,适宜的。例如: This food is not fit for your visitors. 这食物对你的客人来说不合适。
    After the interview, the employer concluded that she was fit for the job.
    4.The bed in your room is uncomfortable. 你房间里的床躺上去很不舒服。
    uncomfortable adj. 不舒服的,不合意的。例如: The room is uncomfortable to live in. 这房间住起来很不舒服。
    He was uncomfortable to stay here. 他呆在这儿很不舒服。
    1.Use the chart below to make an outline of what you would tell him or her.
    outline n. 提纲,要点,概要; 外形,轮廓。例如:
    You’d better make an outline of your speech. 你最好为你的发言拟订出提纲。
    He drew the outline of a house on the paper. 他把房子的轮廓画在纸上。
    2.attraction n. 吸引,吸引力,引人注意的东西,有趣的东西。例如:
    The tides are caused by the attraction of the moon for the earth. 潮汐是由月亮对地球的引力引起的。
    universe attraction 万有引力 earth attraction 地球引力 electric attraction 电引力
    1.Every now and then, we get the itch for travelling. 不时地,我们会产生一种想去旅游的强烈愿望。
    every now and then adv.常常,不时地。例如:
    While he was walking home, he looked back every now and then. 当他朝家走的时候,他不时地回头往后看。
    Every now and then, we’ll meet with some new words during our reading. 在阅读过程中,我们常常会碰上新单词。
    2.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s second largest city, stretches itself lazily along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
    stretch v. 变长,拉紧,伸开,张开,延伸。例如:
    In some tropical regions small boats used to be made of skins stretched over a wooden frame.
    He stretched his legs in front of him. 他往前伸腿。
    3.Copacabana, also known as the “Princess of the Sea” , has just celebrated its one hundredth birthday and is more beautiful than ever.刚刚庆祝了它的第一百周岁生日的,以“海之公主”而闻名的科帕卡巴纳,也比以往更美丽
    hundredth 第一百个(序数词)。例如:
    In order to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of our school, every class will hold a party.
    4.Visitors who get tired of the sand and the sun can cool off in one of the many cafes, shops, and restaurants on Copacabana’s main avenue. 游客们在沙滩上、在日光浴下玩累了以后,可以选择科帕卡巴纳的主要街道上的许许多多的咖啡店、商店以及餐馆中的一个,到里面歇息、清爽一下。
    get tired of 对……厌倦了,烦了。例如: I get tired of boiled eggs. 我已经吃腻了煮鸡蛋。
    If you get tired of working there, you can come to, my company.如果你不愿意在那儿工作了,你可以来我的公司工作。
    5.Well, there is something for everyone here and few visitors leave Rio feeling disappointed.
    disappointed adj.(某人感到)失望的(常用来指人)。例如:
    I was disappointed at the news/to hear the news. 听到这个消息我很失望。
    He was disappointed that their team had lost the game. 他们队输了比赛,他感到很失望。
    6.Located in Southern Austria, Kitzbuhel is a paradise for skiers.坐落在奥地利南部的基茨比厄尔是滑雪者的乐园。 located in Southern Austria,是过去分词短语在这儿作状语,表示地点。过去分词除了作状语以外,还可以作定语、表语、补语。例如:Moved by what she said, he could hardly calm down.由于被她那些话所感动,他很难平静下来。
    He promised to keep me informed of how project was getting along. 他许诺随时告诉我工程的进展情况。
    He suggested that the murderer referred to be sentenced to death at once.他建议所涉及到的杀人凶手立刻被判处死刑。
    They seemed to be satisfied with our work. 看来他们对我们的工作很满意。
    7.Even though the altitude of the city and its surrounding alps isn’t enough to guarantee snow, the good weather and breath-taking scenery make Kitzbuhel a world-class ski resort. 即使基茨比厄尔城较低的纬度和周围的高山不足以确保足够的雪,这儿宜人的天气和壮观的景色也足以使基茨比厄尔成为一个世界一流的滑雪胜地。
    (1)surrounding n. 围绕物,环境adj. 周围的。例如: social surroundings 社会环境
    railway surroundings 铁路周围环境
    (2)even though“即使”,引导让步状语从句。例如:
    Even though you had gone there yesterday, you could not have met him. 即使你昨天去了那儿,你也不可能见到他。
    The students are studying hard even though the teacher is not in the classroom.即使老师不在教室,学生们也学得很认真。
    8.Kitzbuhel is also home to one of the most challenging and exciting downhill slopes in the world.
    9.A stroll around Kitzbuhel is a feast for the eyes—a lively mix of old village culture and the excitement of an international tourist area. 漫步于基茨比厄尔,是一件赏心悦目的事——古老的乡村文化与国际游客的激动兴奋,在这儿栩栩如生地结合在一起。
    feast n. 盛宴,筵席,享受,赏心快事。例如: a feast of fat things 山珍海味的酒席
    a feast for the eyes精赏心悦目的事 The Queen invited them to a feast. 女王邀请他们参加庆宴。
    10.Should you have enough energy left after a day on the slopes, you can take a dip in the pool, work out at the gym or go dancing in one of the city’s many hotels and clubs. 在斜坡上滑了一天的雪以后,你如果还有足够精力,你可以到游泳池里去游泳,去体育馆锻炼或者到一个宾馆或俱乐部里去跳舞。
    (1)take a dip in the pool 去游泳池游泳 dip n. 洗浴,浸渍;蘸湿。例如 Give the sheep a dip. 把羊浸泡一下。
    Would you like to take a dip in the river? 你愿意去河里洗澡吗?
    (2)work out 算出(总数),带来好结果;有预期的结果;运动;锻炼。例如:
    to work out a sum 算出总数 Things will w

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